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Kid/Adult On the Spectrum

There are a lot of challenges for a person on the spectrum. Many of them can destabilize their ability to cope with their surroundings. Consider a possible lack of language, an inability to communicate, routines that change or are broken, possessions or items that are out of place, sensory overload, or the chaos and lack of structure of other people around them. For a person on the spectrum, each of these can trigger an event. Now realize that these things happen all day long. Is it any wonder that people on the Spectrum occasionally have events?

Therapists continually work with people on the spectrum to help them identify when an event is about to occur. Once the event can be identified, therapists then help by providing strategies for the person to follow.

Our system identifies the onset of an event. It then provides a strategy that can be customized for the individual, giving them an opportunity to circumvent the event from occurring.